Richard Turner

Internationally acclaimed blind magician, Richard Turner, inspirationally demonstrates just what's possible when passion around the performance of magic takes hold.

With the following customized card deck and his other tested magic curriculums, Dave desires to put that joy of performing within the reach of all interested persons whether they have limited or no sight.


A Magic Deck For The Visually Impaired


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Designed to make it easy for a visually impaired person to perform magic for a sighted audience.

This is the deck used in Module Three of the curriculum below.

Other Resources


Module One

This five-minute routine uses a regular deck of cards and is designed for a visually impaired person to perform for a sighted person.

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Module Two

This five-minute routine using five easily obtainable bells is designed for a visually impaired person to perform for either a sighted person or a blind friend.

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Module Three

Designed for performance by a blind person for a small group of his/her sighted friends and family, this multi-phase five-minute routine uses a specially prepared deck of playing cards that makes even a novice appear to be an accomplished performer. 

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For More Information

Please take a moment to drop Dave a note for any questions you have about the above resources and his personalized training (either in-person or live online) for staffs and volunteers who might wish to use magic tricks in their work with visually impaired children, youth, or adults.

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