Richard Turner

Internationally acclaimed blind magician, Richard Turner, inspirationally demonstrates just what's possible when passion around the performance of magic takes hold.

With the following three customized card decks, Dave desires to put that joy of performing within the reach of all interested persons whether they have limited or no sight.

Magic Decks


For The Beginner

Here's the place to start.

Although your audience may completely examine  and shuffle the deck, they won't find its secrets - enabling you to find their selected card, make it vanish from the deck and instantaneously change from one card to another.

Perfect for close-up performances and best of all requiring no sleight of hand.


For The Intermediate

There's not much you can't do with this deck including all the routines from the beginner's deck as well as changing the entire deck from an ordinarily appearing deck into a deck containing only duplicates of their selected card!

Ideal for performance in both a close-up or small audience setting.


For The Advanced

When you're ready to do a ten or fifteen minute routine for a larger group of people, this is the deck for you.

Apparently reveal three freely and secretly selected cards from members of the audience in a most dramatic fashion with only minimal sleight of hand and much showmanship.

For More Information

Please take a moment to drop Dave a note from the home page for more information about the above products and his personalized training for staffs and volunteers who work with visually impaired  children, youth, or adults.

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