57 Years Of Magic

The video below was produced when magician Dave Arch's accomplishments as author, performer, and inventor were acknowledged by his peers the evening he was honored with the David P. Abbott Award and made a lifetime member of the Omaha Magical Society.

A Note From Dave


Thank you for visiting my website and learning more about the enjoyment I find in the performance and teaching of magic.

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In addition to giving private lessons and creating magic tricks for other magicians to use, my current performance schedule includes work for my Discover Magic™ partners (see below) and my work with Learning Magic Tricks with Friends™. Please use the form below to contact me - requesting more information.

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Dave Arch



Social Skills Development For Children

Dave works with such organizations as Boys Town whose mission involves accelerating the social skills development of children or adolescents.

Blending his fifteen year background in personal and family counseling with the Discover Magic™ curriculum he works with the staff of these organizations - equipping them to teach the effective presentation of magic tricks.

After watching this introductory video, please use the contact form below if you'd like to learn more.

Weekly Complimentary Essays

Here's a brief explanation about the complimentary short essays on the effective use of showmanship in the performance of magic.  I will email them to you if you're interested and register to receive them by clicking HERE.

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What Others Say . . .


Dave was fantastic to work with on our AIM Tech Celebration Awards. Not only did he serve as Master of Ceremonies, he weaved his magic into the presentation of the awards. He came up with several creative ideas on how we could integrate magic into the event. He was also very willing to make adjustments to the ideas to make the program fit the time frame we needed. He really delivered on a totally new concept of our awards program which generated great feedback from our audience. I would highly recommend Dave as a great partner both for his joy with magic and skills as an Emcee.

Dave Vankat

AIM Director of Events Management


For the event entertainment I wanted something unique and memorable.  Why not a magician?  I received numerous comments back from other attendees – so fun – how did he do that trick? – how do you know him? – entertainment by a magician was so cool – and on and on…..  Dave delivered to my expectations and beyond.  Mr. Arch has the personality and ability to engage your audience and leave them with an invigorating memory!!

Teresa Milner

Wealth Advisor

Carson Wealth

Dave loves to personalize his shows whenever he can! Here in one of his shows, an audience member unexpectedly wins a contest and opens his prize - a saxophone he once owned and thought he'd never see again!